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Cat Rescue

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CBD : 3% with Salmon Oil

Cat Rescue is an oil rich in organic salmon. With a concentration of 3%, it is specially adapted to the needs of cats.

This oil is devoid of Terpene because cats cannot break them down or only after a long time. Their endocannabinoid system therefore differs from that of humans and dogs.

How much to give to my animal?

Here are the recommendations from the international scientific literature:

Animal weight x 0.75 = Daily dosage in mg

Daily dosage in mg ÷ mg of CBD contained in 1 drop = number of drops to give per day


Calculation example for 3%

Starting data: 1 drop at 3% = 1.75 mg of CBD / Animal weight = 4 kilos

4 x 0.75 = 3 mg daily dosage

3 ÷ 1.75 = 1.71 = 2 drops per day, divided into 1 to 2 doses

Indication : 

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information presented here is not intended to replace or replace the information provided by veterinarians. Please consult your veterinarian regarding possible interactions or other potential complications before using any product.

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