A CBD cure in winter: why do it?

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The transition from fall to winter is sometimes filled with pitfalls. Your body´s tired and you´re mentally exhausted. And for good reason. The days get shorter, and the lack of sunlight and the bad weather don´t help! So how can CBD help you ease the transition from fall to winter ?

CBD´s benefits all year long

CannaBiDiol (CBD) is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. This substance is known for its multiple benefits linked to the entourage effect, a mechanism by which cannabis compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids) act in synergy and augment their therapeutic benefits.

Their main motor: serotonin, also known as the "happiness hormone." The lack of serotonin, partly caused by a bad mood, a chronic disease or ageing, can cause lots of other problems: insomnia, loss of appetite, memory loss, pain, fever, immunodeficiency, etc.

CBD acts naturally to activate serotonin production. Thanks to this, taking CBD products daily helps you:

- improve your mood

- get to sleep

- regain your appetite and adopt a healthy and varied diet

- diminish pain perception

- regulate body temperature

- improve your libido

- concentrate better

- delay age-related memory loss

CBD-based products on the market

CBD-based products offer many advantages: they reduce stress, relieve pain, lessen fatigue, reduce anxiety, act as an antiemetic and much more.

CBD-based products are available in different forms…

✓ Dried products: products that use the "dried" CBD flowers for smoking

✓ Liquid products: products containing CBD oil taken orally or applied on the skin, CBD infusions taken orally or e-liquids which are inhaled.

✓ Solid products: products taken orally with Evielab CBD pearls.

…and can be consumed in different ways

The flowers

Dried cannabis flowers are used in joints. The buds sold whole are a guarantee of quality. The CBD flower scraps are also used for smoking. The trim is a mix of CBD scraps and residue used for joints.

The leaves

Cannabis leaves are used to make oils or cosmetics.

The isolate

CBD isolate is obtained thanks to a chemical process which consists of extracting pure CBD from the cannabis plant.

It can be consumed in different ways:

1- Under the tongue: as a powder, spray or pearl. The idea is to let the CBD isolate dissolve under your tongue. If you don´t like the taste, you can also dilute it in water.

2- By vaporization: this involves using CBD isolate with a CBD vaporizer.

3- In cosmetics: powder isolate is also used in certain CBD-based cosmetics.

4- In cooking: in crystal form, CBD can be used in the kitchen.

CBD oil therapy vs. CBD pearl therapy

CBD oil therapy

For CBD oil therapy, the dosage is adapted based on how you feel. For example, the number of drops to take to calm anxiety varies from one person to the next.

CBD oil is taken either under the tongue or by diluting it in a fatty substance (butter, oil, etc.…). We recommend that you take a full-spectrum CBD oil which contains a higher CBD percentage for effective action.

If you´ve never tried CBD oil, find one that has a 10-15% CBD content.

CBD pearl therapy

Evielab is one of the only brands to offer 100% natural pearls composed of CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol) and terpenes. Terpenes vary based on the effects you´re looking for.

The therapy may last from 8 to 23 days. Therefore, the daily pearl intake depends on how long your therapy lasts: 8 pearls per day for an 8-day therapy and 3 pearls per day for a 23-day therapy.

For your pre-winter therapy, we recommend IMMUNITY, which is composed of the beta-caryophyllene and alpha-phellandrene terpenes to boost your metabolism and energy.

The benefits of CBD oil or CBD pearl therapies are the same. You just need to find out which therapy best suits your lifestyle!

Leave us a comment to share your impressions. We´ll be delighted to discuss this topic with you!


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