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Cannabis infusion

Long requested by many of our customers, we are pleased to offer you our Hemp / Cannabis Infusion. Of a character "Tchai", slightly spicy, this infusion can be carried out in water or in milk. We recommend using milk to maximize the absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids. High-end, this infusion is exclusively composed of whole plant pieces, from...
CBD Oil (Edible)
CBD Oils

CBD Oil (Edible)

CBD oil, also called CBD tincture or CBD Drops, is in the form of oily solution to consume under the tongue. In the world of cannabis, oil is one of the favorite derivatives of consumers, on the one hand because of its efficiency and on the other hand because of its ease of use. Indeed, you just have to apply a pipette under your tongue then to wait about...
CBD Gummy (Edible)
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CBD Gummy (Edible)

10mg of CBD (cannabidiol) per candy CBD sweets (cannabidiol) are a fast and effective way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Usage: 1 candy 3 to 4 times a day or when the need arises.