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Purple Punch

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CBD420 presents its latest release, the Purple Punch. Original flower due to its physical appearance and very pleasant taste. Purple Punch has all the characteristics of a pretty flower thanks to its intense violet heads, the resin like it leaves on the fingers and the beauty of its orange pistils. In short, an explosion of color for the Purple Punch, and here, we L-I-K-E IT ! Its scent is delicately similar to the sweetness of the grape, which has just revealed its fruity and sweet side. It is once consumed that we understand all the elegance of this flower which reveals all its softness and smoothness by its lightness.

Relaxing effect GUARANTEED!


They are cultivated in a soil maintained daily with the addition of organic matter and a watering containing herbal infusions and other artisanal preparations. This makes the earth alive thanks to the material that decomposes, the microorganisms and fungi that will develop in this ecosystem. They contribute to the recycling of nutrients and facilitate the absorption of the elements by the roots. This makes the plants much more robust and allows them to fully express their genetic potential.

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