Acapulco Gold 2.0

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Indoor – CBD 15 - 23% / THC 0.3 - 0.7% / CBG 0.8%

With a taste of Kush and Diesel flavors, it will satisfy you with its very high quality. With a very compact appearance and extremely sticky texture, it is often compared to cannabis strains available in Amsterdam or the United States.

Review of the team: Its powerful taste and its compact appearance know how to seduce! The new crop is just outstanding! Still superior to the old!


Why is your CBD cannabis legal?

The CBD cannabis distributed by CBD420 is legal thanks to its reduced content of THC (tetahydrocanabidol). Indeed, the legal limit in Switzerland is 1% THC. For Europe this limit is 0.3%. Our genetics have therefore been specially developed to contain a minimal THC while offering an extremely high CBD level. We make a point of honor to repeatedly test each of our cannabis harvests in order to guarantee its total legality.

Help us improve the quality of our legal cannabis

Concerned with the complete satisfaction of our customers, our vocation is to distribute the best varieties of the market while correctly paying the producers and the resellers. All comments, ideas or reflections are welcome and will be taken into account in order to improve our products and increase the satisfaction of our customers.

Information about our CBD cannabis flowers

All of the CBD cannabis varieties distributed by CBD420 have been tested in laboratories and selected to satisfy everyone's tastes. Our CBD flowers are 100% organic, 100% legal and 100% organic. If you wish to receive an analysis or to know more about our products, especially at the production level, you can send us a message directly from our contact form.

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