The battery-powered CRAFTY is, without a doubt, the perfect companion on the go.

While the CRAFTY's factory settings are already optimal for immediate use, the Remote Control App for Android and iOS lets you select various settings according to personal preferences.

Now you can find the Storz & Bickel Volcano Storz & Bickel Portable Vaporizer at CBD420, designed to deliver a tasty, high-quality steam with its convection system.

This portable device was created thanks to the experience of the German company, which strives to ensure a very long life, efficiency and ease of use for all its products, so we only have to worry to appreciate our herbs.

Powered by an internal Li-Ion battery, the Crafty has a compact shape, manufactured in a plastic carcass acting as a radiator, preventing it from heating by keeping it at a temperature pleasant to the touch.

The inhalation tube is on the top of the device, made from the same plastic as the carcass, and we can rotate it 45º horizontally for a more comfortable inhalation.

Once this beak unfolded, we will have access to the locking latch of the lid of the cassolette, by moving it on the top of the vaporizer we will then have access to the filling chamber in which we will deposit our cannabis.

This lid is made to cool and condense the steam, assuring us that it will arrive in our throat completely fresh, to offer us the best aroma possible.

The socket is metal, with a fine grid on the bottom, placed just above the heating element charged with convection. Thus, it heats for a touch of conduction in the vaporization system.

Once loaded with rolled and unpacked grass, we will replace the top and we will start the vaporizer by pressing its single button, until the red light comes on, and it will start to heat up to 180ºC / 356ºF. If we press twice, the light will flash red and it will then heat up to 195ºC / 383ºF. If we press the button once the light turns blue, and the heating system stops.

Once the temperature is reached, the light will turn green and the Crafty will vibrate twice to warn us that it is ready for use.

The battery charges in about two hours, providing approximately 45 minutes of battery life. Up to 210ºC this device is compatible with BHO resin spraying.

Also, this vaporizer has a Bluetooth control system through our Smartphone and a free application developed by the manufacturer, with which we can change the configuration of the temperatures assigned to the button to adapt to our needs.

The application will also allow us to turn on or off the vibration of the device, or activate an alarm and vibration warning on our phone, as well as disable or disable the warning light and regulate its intensity.

This application can be downloaded for free from the App Store (compatible with Iphone 4s or above) or the Google Play Store (compatible with Android 4.3 and later).

Features of the Crafty Vaporiser:

  • 2 years warranty
  • Dimensions: 11.0 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm
  • Weight: 135g
  • Volume of the socket: 3.4cm3
  • 27W heating element
  • Li-Ion battery 45 minutes of battery life, rechargeable in 2 hours by USB or with the wall charger. Can be used during charging once the battery is partially charged.
  • Automatic shutdown after 1m
  • Designed to spray cannabis
  • Temperature range: 40ºC-210ºC / 104ºF-410ºF
  • Temperature indicator via the application for Smartphone
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connection (compatible with Galaxy S3 - iPhone 4s and higher)
  • For iPhone:
  • For Android:

The Crafty Spray Kit includes:

  • 1x Crafty
  • 1x USB charging cable + wall adapter
  • 1x grinder
  • 1x filling accessory for the socket
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x brace for resins type BHO
  • 1x set of replacement sealing rings
  • 3x spare grids

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