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Cannabis infusion Cannabis infusion 2
  • -25% / -25%

Cannabis infusion

$8.17 $10.89
Long requested by many of our customers, we are pleased to offer you our Hemp / Cannabis Infusion. Of a character "Tchai", slightly spicy, this infusion can be carried out in water or in milk. We recommend using milk to maximize the absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids. High-end, this infusion is exclusively composed of whole plant pieces, from...
Trainwreck Trainwreck 2
  • -15% / -15%


$18.70 $22.00
CBD : <20% As the name suggests, this flower is explosive with a good length in the mouth. Its effects are relaxing and it will manage to relax you in the long run. Its taste is fresh in the mouth, it is a real minty candy with an earthy aftertaste. Cultivated in a Greenhouse, its buds are sparse with a lot of resin, once grinded it will gain volume....
Fruity Loops Fruity Loops 2
  • -50% / -50%
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Fruity Loops

$11.00 $22.00
CBD <18% THC <0,5% Fruity Loops is a hybrid strain grown indoors that smells as good as it looks. Rich in flavors, you’ll find mixture of grapefruit and blueberry that will give you a sweet taste with a touch of spice. Deep green flowers, crossed by bright orange pistils and covered with trichomes, giving them a shining aspect and a sticky...
Lavender Lavender 2
  • -50% / -50%
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$11.00 $22.00
CBD <23% Made from different strains from all over the world, the Lavender is sublimated by Hazy notes and has a very pronounced floral and spicy aroma. The buds are dense with a very bright color and covered with crystals. Another flower that we will never get tired of, which will have a hard time disappointing you.
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