JKB Research SA

Founded in April 2017, JKB Research SA is a company based in downtown Geneva, in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Its mission is to change the public's understanding and mentality about the cannabis plant.

Founded by three friends with a common purpose, JKB Research SA is dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis-based legal products to all those who could benefit from it.


A mission of this magnitude requiring a strong brand, JKB Research SA manufactures and sells its cannabis products under the trademark CBD420®. Named in honor of the world-renowned legalization movement, CBD420® draws on the worldwide recognition of the famous 420 campaign, celebrated each year on April 20 by cannabis activists and enthusiasts from around the world.

Jonas Duclos – Patient & CEO

Jonas Duclos is one of three co-founders and CEO of JKB Research SA. Reached a rare genetic disease, incurable and no palliative treatment existing, he endures from his teen years of excruciating pain in a continuous way. After several years of ineffective treatment trials, Jonas discovered that cannabis effectively soothes his suffering. With the consent of his doctor, Jonas began treatment with cannabis.

Now Jonas has been studying cannabis for over 20 years, becoming an expert in this plant, its industry, its applications and its potential.

Although forced to leave school at the age of 16 because of his illness, Jonas managed to join the prestigious UBS bank in Geneva following the excellent results of his aptitude test. Following this, he continued to practice in several well-known private banks in Geneva.

When cannabis was legalized in Switzerland, Jonas naturally made the decision to leave the position of wealth manager to fulfill his mission: to participate in the evolution of understanding and attitudes about the cannabis plant.

His two associates, Kevin Goetelen and Bruno Studer, sharing his vision and ambition, accompany him in his mission thanks to the unwavering commitment of a united and passionate team.

Learn more about Jonas Dulos and CBD420® in The Guardian and Business Insider.

CBD420®, medias and ambassadors

CBD420® is particularly fond of and thanks to the media (press, television, radio) and ambassadors (bloggers, patients, influencers) who constantly help it in its mission all around the world.

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